Wondering Out Loud

Why am I doing this?

I’ve started exploring the world of social media trying to understand how I can leverage it to benefit my company and my self.  I realize I’m a bit late to the game, but am working hard to catch up. To get up to speed I’ve been hanging out at Twitter (here and here) lately and earlier this month I launched Enterprise Technology Blog

Deciding to launch the blog was a easy. I’d been building up a wealth of content that needed to be shared and this was the easiest way to do it.

Twitter?  Well, finding the value in that took me a few weeks. I knew it was there, but wasn’t sure how to sift through the daily volume of tweets to find and extract the gold that was hidden within. At first I found it silly that people I followed were telling me – and hundreds of others- about their dinner plans. That is, until it struck me that we, they and me, were involved in the “small talk” that’s common when you meet someone new. 

Apparently I am late and slow.

Now I look forward to the daily greetings from my fellow Twitterites. 

The next logical step was to start my own blog, but, like Steve Martin’s character in The Jerk, it needed a purpose. There had to be some reason for me to spend unrecoverable time writing and, more importantly, a reason for you to spend your valuable time reading what I have to say. 

My purpose starting Wondering Out Loud is, well, because I believe best ideas come from the contributions of many. An idea proposed by just one is rarely accepted by the many, but an idea proposed by and argued by and concluded on by the many is more likely to be accepted by most, if not all.

 Think US Constitution.

The founding fathers spent months debating and voting and, in the end, while they didn’t have complete agreement on any individual piece, they had concensus on the document as a whole.  And it has stood up pretty well over the years.

At its core, this blog is my experimentation in social media and I’m hoping for a lot of assistants.


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