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What’s a phone book good for

Mister Prolific (that’s me) has been noticeably absent – noticeable to me – from the blogging world since I launched some time ago, but I’m back because of the following tweet posted by @mjkeliher:

Phone books should only be printed on demand.  I should never, ever get one again unless I ask for it. It’s absurd.

While I agree with Mike in that I haven’t used a phone book for its intended purpose in years, there are several other ways to put the end them to use.  Some obvious, some not so obvious.  Some funny and some serious.

For instance, we use them at home to prop up the mattress when one of the kids has a chest cold or other respiratory issue.  It helps them breath and helps everyone get a good night’s sleep.

Time for you to weigh in.  How do/can you make use of the old fashioned printed phone book?


February 29, 2008 Posted by | Miscellaneous | 2 Comments


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