Wondering Out Loud

The Race Card

The race is heating up and allegations of playing the race card are flying fast and furious. 

On the Obama side, supporters are claiming McCain and his supporters are replacing the racist “uppity” with code when they say Obama is “arrogant, “presumptuous”, and “getting ahead of himself”. 

On the other side of the fight, McCain supporters accuse of Obama of throwing the first card when, several times in one day, he said, and I’m paraphrasing here [emphasis added]: “They’re gonna try and scare you by saying, ‘he’s not patriotic enough. He has a funny last nameHe doesn’t look like all those presidents on those dollar bills.'”

The above is a slight twist on a speech he gave last month.  That time he said [emphasis added], “They’re gonna try and scare you by saying, ‘he’s not patriotic enough. He has a funny last nameDid I mention he’s black?'”

No judgement here, just repeating what’s already public record.

Now I’m going to judge. 

On another front, I heard a radio interview with a self described independent journalist.  The subject was the percieved favoritism Obama is receiving in the press.  For the most part the journalist did a good job of stating his case, but when the interviewer said, “It appears the press is cheerleading for Obama” the guest went off the tracks with his response.  He took one word, “cheerleading” and twisted it into a mysoginistic and racist comment. 

How, you ask.

Cheerleading leads one to think of highschool girls and, when used in the same sentence with with a black man, leads one to think of the stereotype of black men being sexually aggressive and specifically , in this case, sexually aggressive with white high school girls. 

Yep, that’s the twisted logic we’re dealing with here.

So here is the Obama Backer’s dicitionary as it stands today:

Arrogant = Uppity

Cheerleading = black men having sex with highschool girls

I don’t look like all those other guys/did I mention he’s black= (definition to be determined by Obama supporters)

Tell me again, who the racists are? 


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