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Amen for eBook tips

I love the Savvy B2B Marketing blog. And I don’t say that with any reservations. Why, you may ask, have I fallen in love with a blog? I need no reason other than  this post: 5 Things You Should Know BEFORE You write an eBook.

I’ve read many eBooks in the past several months and have found very few that follow any of the 5 tips offered by Savvy B2B Marketing. Most read like a company brochure and leave little doubt that the only purpose is to generate new business. That ain’t what I’m looking for.

I read eBooks to learn something – not about your business, but what you know that can help me run my business better. Don’t tell me your products and services can solve my business issues: convince me you understand the pains enough that I can trust you to solve them, if I decide to contact you. When you start talking product, you lose me as a reader.

Social media is not rocket science, but you can blow up on the launch pad if you don’t take the time to think through your plans.


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  1. Mark,

    Thanks for the shout out about Savvy B2B Marketing! This post was written by Jonathan Kranz, and I agree that it’s full of great tips. If you haven’t read his eBook on eBooks, it’s definitely worth your time: http://www.kranzcom.com/free-stuff/ebooks/.

    Great blog, by the way! I just subscribed.
    All the best,

    Comment by Michele Linn | August 3, 2009 | Reply

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