Wondering Out Loud

Is Bing on the level

Microsoft made a big splash with their new search engine, Bing and even bigger slash when their partnership with yahoo was announced. Yup a new era in search had been born and Google was supposed to be scared. But even the best of us stumble at times and the same is true for Microsoft.

Bring on the CIO.com article: Bing Search Tainted by Pro-Microsoft Results

 As I wrote above, the best of us all stumble from time to time and I hope that is what Microsoft did in this case. The other possibility is too improbable to even consider; that someone inside of MSFT made the decision to block search results that would put the company in a bad light. If that is the case, the individual showed not an ounce of wisdom.

Last time I checked my calendar the year is 2009 and the Internet is the preferred way of gathering news and information and is on the way to becoming the default way to communicate with friends, family and followers. That anyone would think, for even a minute, that the would get away with such a scheme boggles the mind. Not saying it’s impossible – after all we are treated to stories every year of the highschool who are stunned that the drunken photos they posted on facebook find their way to their parents and school administration – but it would be a shock.

Until we get a definitive explanation, I’ll believe the search results are function of one, or more, of the bugs Microsoft is famous for.

I’m sure it will be fixed by one of the 15 updates I get to wait through when I’m trying to shut down and go home for the weekend.


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