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Is the MSM MIA in reporting of healthcare town hall meetings

Unless you’ve been in a coma lately, you’ve seen, read, or heard at least one of the thousands of reports about the heath care town hall meetings being held across the country. More specifically, the ones at which protesters have made their presence known. I have no doubt you’ve also been exposed to the reaction of politicians and activists on both sides of the issue. The MSM has done a good job of reporting the goings on. That said, however, I believe there is one area in which the MSM has gone MIA, and in doing so has added more dents to its already damaged reputation.

While the raucous behavior and responses are well established, the MSM is missing an opportunity to provide a compare and contrast between the heathcare town hall uprisings and those that followed W for much of his time in office.

Before people get up in arms about posters portraying President Obama as Adolf Hitler – a ridiculous comparison for him or any POTUS, repeat any, POTUS – this is not the first time this tactic has been rolled out. Here is page one of a Google image search of Bushitler.

In a USA Today commentary, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D California) told us that “drowning out opposing views is simplu un-American”. But we all know is a well-worn tactic of the Left to shout down conservative lecturers on the nation’s college campuses. In many cases lectures have been cut short due to violence perpetrated by some of Speaker Pelosi’s ideological soul-mates. 

What I see unfolding is right-of-center people have an issue that is driving them to take up the tactics of those who stand in polar opposition, those who’ve made a science of organizing and protesting, and they are not happy to have their playbook co-opted. One of the great ironies is the protesters are targeting the policies of a president who has on his resume the title of “Community Organizer”.

There is a very interesting story to be told here, I hope someone in the media will figure it out and take it up.


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  1. I went to a Patient’s First rally in ND today.Good questions were asked such as “What do you know about Senator Conrad’s Co-op proposal?” OK, that was me that asked that, so it’s just my opinion that it was “good.”

    I would say the crowd was mostly against the current proposals, but there was at least one who felt his healthcare was so bad (VA system) that this had to be better. He was not shouted down or even debated. People listened to his story and although they may not have agreed with his conclusions, you could sort of sense the empathy for the man.

    There was only one time the crowd got a bit angry. That was when a guy grabbed the microphone from the moderator and starting yelling at us about this all being a sham paid for by the insurance companies. he refused to give the microphone back until one of the attendees stood up and went toe to toe with him. After that, he left.

    I don’t think the vast majority citizens of Nortn Dakota or Minnesota, or anywhere else in the USA, who express their concerns deserve the kind of name-calling that they are getting.


    Comment by Melissa Paulik | August 12, 2009 | Reply

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