Wondering Out Loud

Top 10 reasons Microsoft can’t survive

We’ve all seen ‘em, we’ve all read ‘em, and some of us have written ‘em:

  1. “Top 10 reasons social media will bring peace to the Middle East”
  2. “Top 5 Twitter will make you thinner and save you from chronic Halitosis”

Yes, these are a bit farfetched, but you get the idea.

Frequently the offspring of writer’s block or a fast approaching deadline, The List, as I refer it, is a quick way to get something in front of your readers. For too many, however, it’s become the default way of creating content. While this isn’t a problem that will lead to the demise of blogging, it is certain to cause problems for those who rely too heavily on The List.

The occasional top 10 post is to be expected, but I’ve been finding more and more popping up in my Google reader. The more often they come,  the more suspect I am. When a blogger begins to fall back on The List at least once a week, I conclude they are only trying to drive traffic by packing their posts with highly searched keywords (do ‘ya think my headline might get some notice?) and/or are just plain lazy. As a result, their RSS feed is quickly thrown into a black hole.

When I read a blog, I’m doing it because I believe the author has something of value to share with me, something I may not have previously considered or perhaps have considered in a different context. I want a post to make me think about different sides to the same issue. I want him/her to be provocative, engaging and, on occasion, irritating.

If you’re not generating an emotional response from your readers, regardless of what emotion it is, you are not doing your job.

My bottom line, I’d rather skip posting for day – like yesterday – than give my readers a list of the top 10 reasons I think Microsoft is in its death throes.

It would be provocative, but how much value would it have?


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