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Hold that Tiger

When, I must ask, will the celebrity class ever learn? When will they realize they are public figures and, no matter how hard they try, their dirty laundry will one day be aired for the entire world to see. The latest to forget the lessons learned by the many who came before is Tiger Woods.

We’ve all heard the story about his late night/early morning car crash. We’ve also been treated to an ongoing flow of speculation about what it is that drove him from his home at such as ungodly hour. But almost a week after the events unfolded only two people – Tiger and his wife, Elin – know exactly what happened on that moonlit night. And they aint talking.

Tiger has fallen into the same trap as other celebrities: Trying to keep private that which has become all too public. That he is doing so is understandable. Since turning pro, Tiger has always tried to maintain a life separate and distinct from the one played out on the golf course. Looking back one has to say he’s been very successful. Until recently he has not been the fodder for tabloids – broadcast, web or print – nor has he been known to venture to local clubs for a boys night out – before or since his marriage. By all accounts his private life was just that. In fact, he’s been known to jettison from his circle those who did not respect his privacy.

All that changed in the early morning hours of Friday, November 27.

With the single act of crashing his Cadillac Escalade Tiger Woods set in motion the raising of the curtain on his once-private life. If that isn’t bad enough, every decision he’s made since – with the input of advisors I’m sure – has only compounded the problem and added fuel to the fire of speculation. Speculation that, if not answered, will become fact in the public’s mind.

The single biggest mistake he can make is waiting until Spring – when he will be on the golf course again – to address the questions. While it’s true the public has a short attention span and moves quickly to the next story, when the most famous athlete on the face of the planet is at the core of the story it is certain to come to life when he re-emerges from his bunker.

C’mon Tiger. Take the questions, take the heat. The sooner you face the issue the sooner you and your wife can put it in the past and get on with your private lives.


December 1, 2009 - Posted by | Public Relations |

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