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Advertising Age provides weekly Foursquare report

Advertising Age has started listing the top Foursquare “check-in” locations from the previous week. Forgetting the possibility that today’s list is skewed because of “Black Friday”, I have to wonder exactly what purpose this list serves. If future lists continue to contain only brands that are recognized across the country and around the world, then this would seem to be nothing but filler.

I’m more interested in seeing check-in levels at local and regional establishments. I don’t care if Target and Starbucks have hundreds, if not thousands of hits (if they don’t, then I want to know about it), but Dunn Brothers Coffee (89 locations in 9 states) or Once Upon a Mystery bookstore (one location), seeing their Foursquare stats is more compelling to me.

I suspect the weekly lists will not vary much through Christmas, and that we will see an uptick in national bar and restaurant brands as the Holiday Party season ramps up, but 2011 will be the true test for the value of the list.

When the history of the Advertising Age Foursquare tracking chart is written, the first few weeks may deserve a Barry Bonds-like asterisk.


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