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Social media without strategy is the black hole of communications

Black Hole: A region of space from which nothing, not even light, can escape.

If  you are using social tools to communicate with your audience without the benefit of a strategy, you are the proud owner of your very own black hole. Everything you produce – blog post, tweet, podcast, Facebook update, YouTube video – every last scrap of content is being hurled into a void so dark and vast it will only be consumed by those who happen to trip over it. I’ve seen it before. A lot. It’s usually the result of misguided notion that any content is better than no content. Unfortunately, that same idea ignores the fact that no content is preferable to bad content.

Even today, the same marketing professionals who diligently plan every aspect of every campaign, taking care to make sure every detail is accounted for, don’t think twice about what is being posted to the company blog. Whether it’s a website, brochure, commercial or blog post, what you produce represents the company that provides your paycheck and treating any content as second class is doing that company a disservice.

If you’re serious about making social media part of your communications activities, make it part of your strategy development, treat the content as you do other deliverables and give social media equal standing when discussing your activities. If you do you’ll find your content living in the bright light of the Internet being consumed by people who sought it out and have a genuine interest in what your company has to say.


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  1. So true, although I’d point out that this doesn’t just apply to social media. Doing anything complex, especially when it comes to marketing – a field with many interrelated issues – without first designing the strategy, will land you in the same black hole.
    We provide clients with Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation systems, or what we call Inbound Marketing Automation Systems (IMA). And it sometimes takes us a year to get to the point where we switch on the system because we spend the first 12 months helping the client design their strategy, and then begin implementing it. And yet time and time again, the client gets anxious – when do we switch the IMA system on? When do we start seeing the benefits of all this? And yes indeed, one element of the strategy is the Social Media Marketing aspect. So thanks for giving us some ammunition for the next time!

    Comment by Eric Goldman | June 2, 2011 | Reply

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