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Bristol Palin is pregnant

It’s true.  I heard it from several reliable sources. 

What I also heard, on Twitter and elsewhere, is uncontrolled laughter by those on the Left who find it hilarious that a pro life, abstinence teaching candidate for VP finds her 17 year old daughter pregnant. 

At the core of their laughter is their belief that those of the religious right who are rallying to Sarah Palin’s defense are being hypocritical.  See the religious right, and many others, believe sex out of wedlock is not only wrong (for many reasons) but that it is also a sin. And, the Left’s logic concludes, if one believes something to be a sin, if one hates the act, then one must hate the sinner/actor. One must drive them into exile, shun them from society, put a big red letter on their chest indicating the committed sin. It’s an example of the simple minded thinking that the Left has made famous. I like to call it vacuum thinking.

Vacuum thinking occurs when someone, say Barack Obama, claims he will reduce taxes on 95% of Americans, yet neglects to understand how it will impact the federal treasury. Or the when he supports increasing the capital gains tax as a way to hit the rich, yet fails to realize that the majority of Americans – most middle class and below – are invested in stocks and bonds and, therefore, will pay a cost for the increase.

Simple minded thinking.

There is a similar pattern to the nastiness going on around the Palin pregnancy. The Left can’t understand why the shunning and exile has not begun.  Why has the religious right not insisted on sewing a big red “P” on Bristol Palin’s chest? Why, oh why, have they not turned their back on one who has not lived up to the values that they are constantly promoting (preaching)?

There’s the vacum: We must turn on those who do not live up to our values. That may work for the Left, but we on the right see things a bit differently. 

Rather than shunning, we embrace others who don’t share our values, or who fail to live up to the values we/they believe in. Nobody is perfect.  We live our lives the best we can, but even the best of us fall.

I hope that when I fall my family and friends are there to catch me, not let me drop. I hope they are there to remind me of our values and the importance of doing all we can to live up to those values.

Among the values the Left is turning a blind eye to now are forgiveness and compassion.  They are sometimes applied forcefully and sometimes with a tender hand, but they are the cornerstone and are on display today in a way that we should all be proud of.

At the same time, the other side of the aisle is proudly displaying their hatred of anything and anyone that doesn’t match up with their view of the world.

Lucky for them those cornerstones exist.


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